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Tattooed pulse
Tattooed a pulse
on my bruised heart
Put up an illusion of life
on the still battlefield
and hoped it would do the trick
But there really is no trick
to make my heart beat
And even ink will fade
for the heart bleeds ever
So tell me now
how will I ever
and how do I even
just how
how do I cure myself?
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Untitled :iconargyria:argyria 9 1 Golden :iconargyria:argyria 4 1
So aches my heart
the days are cold and grey
and I'm listening
for signs of dawning day
yet my dreams fade
and night folds
the darkness presses on me
like a sharp-edged sword
and just as much shows me mercy
as a one who wields
a blade blood-stained
so aches my heart
oh ache it must
for it sings a song
like that which the wolf lone
howls at the harvest moon
yet it's all far too soon
this passing of a loved one
and my once again restless soul
for I am left numb
the void within deepening
while a darkness descends once again
and a crescent moon silver unfolds
taking the place of the sun
in the landscape of my soul
so all the while
the days are cold and grey
and I'm listening
for signs of dawning day
a night dark veils my soul
and leaves me cold
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Untitled :iconargyria:argyria 18 1 Untitled :iconargyria:argyria 17 1
I remember stars dancing
on the tip of my tongue
Sparkling stars
crossing my tongue
with light yet flickering
dancing footsteps
A rosebud caressing
another rosebud
Kissing and kissing
until our lips were as one;
a single rosebud
the colour of flushed cheeks
The scent of rose
lingering in the air
our fingers intertwined
The maps of our palms
smudging together
fluid ink travelling down our wrists
then all over the bare of our universe
As one we were
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The station of your heart
is cold and rainy on infinite midnight
and I think I missed the last train
(I always do)
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Taika :iconargyria:argyria 649 54 Untitled :iconargyria:argyria 8 0
Freckled kiss marks
sun kissed you goodbye, sweetheart
and you stood in pouring rain
freckled kissmarks on your cheeks
you pursed your blood red lips
as you bit your tongue
to keep everything
under control
you scraped your knees
on the asphalt
and in another place
you fell down to meet dirt
dug your fingers
deep in earth
and soaked it with your
long caged tears
the poetry of your
paper mache heart
falls to deaf ears
the bloody mess
that is bleeding out
in desolate forests
and alley gutters
and the love story of your life
is as hollow as the one
in the book you carved up
so you took it out
ripped it off your chest
and set it in
the hollow of the book
and let your
paper mache heart
dry, dry, dry
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I just want to thank each and every one of you who has favourited and commented on my work and put me on their watch. I'm not used to replying to comments as I've never really received much during my years on Flickr but I notice it's a common thing on here so I'll hopefully get used to it and reply to your comments. Though as far as I'm being my shy self I just want to keep this here to say thank you. Just thank you so much. I'm feeling all happy and stuff because of all the attention my work has gotten here.
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I'm Lena, an old soul. Sometimes nocturnal, other times a forest dweller.


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